About Us 

I come from a long family of Law enforcement officers and Military members. I grew up shooting on the weekends saving up for all types of firearms and working on them in my garage. I took gunsmith courses and then got into customizing my own handguns and rifles. I decided I wanted to make the Best Quality most Accurate and Reliable weapons for the Men and Women who have to protect this great nation and their brother & sisters on the job. I never really could find that USA made quality, precision type firearm that uses 100% American made parts only, or one that offered extreme reliability and performance. So, I decided to start building them and MG Custom Armory LLC" was born!


I then took this company to the next level. I set up times to meet with LE Agencies, Military, and Private Security team members from all around the US and gathered information around these firearms that they use on a daily basis. We understand a lot of the firearms the LEOs and Military use today do not stand up to the quality reliability and precision they are looking for in a firearm. This is why we have created this line of Unequaled, Quality, Precision, and Reliable firearms to do their daily job.


 MG Custom Armory LLC is a US Federal Firearms Manufacturer. Family-owned and operated in Reno Nevada.

Our Company is built on these Core Values;

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Dependability
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Commitment

"Words not backed by action are meaningless!"


Want Unequaled Quality, Precision, Reliability, and continued Performance for your Team? Contact us today.