CQB copy.png
Model: MG 5.56 CQB Rifle


Testimonial 1 - Thank you for one of the lightest and most accurate weapons we have ever Fired! Yous Salesman was right, these were shooting Sub MOA between 20 and 50yds using the Hornady 5.56 75 gr SBR rds. The quality is fantastic. I am sure we will be ordering more for our other departments as well. M. W. Nevada

Testimonial 2 - Really like the way it feels and the quality it's made with. This weapon shoots very accurately and we really like the fast bolt lock that it comes with, it goes on and comes off quickly with the key inside so we don't lose it. (a great feature), just what we need in our daily use. We would recommend this to any other Agency looking to purchase a CQB rifle. L. R. Idaho

Testimonial 3 - Our Team purchased about 20 of these last month. Great Weapons for our CQB's.  We like Quality, Accuracy, and Performance. The Ambidextrous accessory rails it comes with are perfect for our additions, and all of the Team loves how light these are for movability, 

F.T. in MT.

Patrol copy.png
Model: MG M4 5.56 Patrol Rifle


Testimonial 1 - Made for an Ex-Law Enforcement Sheriff, Wow, unbelievable Quality and Accuracy. I wish our Department would have purchased these when I was in the force, we would have saved many more lives due to the accuracy these weapons have. J.E. Nevada


Testimonial 2 -  I can't tell you enough about how light and accurate this Firearm is "Unbelievable" it's all I can say, Thank you very much for such a great Firearm. I will share this with the rest of my Team members!

Security Officer S.K. Nevada


Testimonial 3 - Thanks MG Custom Armory! Our Team was very Excited when these arrived last week. So far as we have put through about 2500 rds through each of these rifles so far, they are performing exactly as you said, and very accurate right out of the box. We will tell our other LEO's about your product. In my opinion, all Agencies should be using your weapons instead of those cheap Carbines they have been giving us.

Ben D. Oregon


Testimonial 4 - Hello MG Custom Armory, This Team wants to thank you for such an easy process in ordering our weapons, as you said, the precision with these rifles is incredible. We are hooked on the 14.5 Patrol and will tell our Brothers and Sisters in force about these.

D.G. Washington



MGCA 6.5 Creedmoor Sniper Rifle
Inspired by and Created for the Military and Law Enforcement sniper teams. This Versatile Powerful 6.5 Creedmoor rifle provides Long-range accuracy out past a mile. 

Testimonial 1 - This Sniper rifle has to be one of the best rifles out there! From the precision and quality of this weapon, it fires and handles extremely well. We have tested this weapon thoroughly for both accuracy and rigor in high desert conditions in both freezing rain and warmer climates out to 2000 meters, a very good shooting weapon. We would recommend this rifle for any sniper situation.

T.J. Virginia