Testimonial Builds

PROJECT 1 - "Molon Labe Backup 38 Special"

Custom Smith & Wesson 38 Special with Modified trigger work and Rubber grips and of course the Patriot Molon Labe logo.


Thanks for this wonderful Backup firearm. I carry it everywhere    I go. Thanks MG Custom Armory. Becky G  - NV

MG Custom Armory 38 Special
PROJECT 2 - Custom Molon Labe 45

Custom Polished feed ramp, Low profile night sites, Custom Trigger work, Match barrel and custom Guide rod and 2 tone Black and Grey with Molon Labe Grips


Thanks for building this sweet custom 45 for me, Amazing the way it shoots and handles. MG Custom Armory, you guys did a Fanatic job thanks again I'll be sending others your way!                                      David E.  Sandy OR.


MG Custom Armory 45
PROJECT 3 - " The Gangster 45"


Custom Springfield 1911A 45. Custom Guide Rod, Custom Trigger, Low profile sites, Custom barrel bushing and Grips. Everything blacked out for that gangster look.


Thanks, MG Custom Armory, your customer service is awesome and thanks for building such a great 45. This was a dream of mine for many years and you helped me make it come true. 

Thanks again. Tom B. CA

MG Custom Armory 1911A
MG Custom Armory AR-15 Reaper
PROJECT 4 - "The Reaper"

AR15 223/556 has an MG Custom Armory Lower Receiver, a DPMS MINI SASS Upper receiver, done in Black and FDE in the Reaper theme. FDE Magpul stock, Custom black abs FDE Reaper Grip, Reaper Charging Handle, Reaper Ejection Port, Reaper Mag Release Pin, Nickel Boron bolt, 2-Custom 30 round Reaper Magazines, FDE Magpul trigger guard, Mini SAS 18 inch bull barrel 1/8 twist, Custom Trigger work with 2'1/2 lbs, Key Mod Handrail, Custom flash hider, Bi-Pod and Vortex Spitfire Red Dot.


What a Great Accurate shooting AR. Thanks for building just what I imagined! 

Thanks, for all your customer service, what a top-notch company.

Thanks again MG Custom Armory.

Robert G. Toronto Canada

MG Custom Armory AR-15 Punisher
PROJECT 5 - "The Punisher"

Custom AR15 223/556 has a WISE Upper and Lower Receiver, done in Black and OD Green in the Punisher theme. Magpul flip up sites, Magpul  stock, Custom Punisher Grip, Custom Punisher Charging Handle, Custom Punisher Ejection Port, Custom Punisher Mag Release Pin, Nickle Boron bolt, 2-Custom 30 round Punisher Magazines, ODG Magpul trigger guard, Custom 18 inch match barrel 1/8 twist, Custom Trigger work with 3'1/2 lbs, Key Mod Handrail, YHM Phantom flash hider, Bi-Pod and Vortex 1-6X24 Strike Eagle.


First, I want to say what a great customer experience I had with MG Custom Armory, These guys were very flexible calling me back on the weekends when they were closed and building my Custom AR for me. I would recommend these guys to build your net  Firearm or order you a new Firearm. They very fair in the prices they offer and have the patience to work wth you. Thanks again MG Custom Armory, I'll be back for more builds in the future! Chris B. CA


PROJECT 6 - MGCA HD SPX 930 Shotgun
Created for a Certain Consumer here in Reno Nevada, this Versatile Powerful shotgun provides both Long and Short range accuracy. It's used for Home Defense and for those (CQB) close quarter battles. Use the MGCA HD Shotgun to defend and protect you & your Family or contain the Intruder(s) / burglar(s) while you dial 911. 


Model: MGCA SPX 930 / Mossberg platform

Type: Shotgun: Semi-Auto

Caliber: 12 Gauge

Finish: Matte Blue

Action: Semi-Automatic

Stock: Black Syn Full Length Stock with Pistol Grip

Sight: Front: Red Finned Fiber Optic- Rear: LPA Ghost Ring 

with Optional Scope: Vortex  Venom Reflex Red Dot for quick acquisition &

Streamlight ProTac Rail mounted light, 625 Lumens operating modes: high/strobe, high only, & low/high.

Chamber: 3" , Barrel Length: 18.5 - Overall Length: 38 - Weight: 7.75 lbs - Capacity: 7+1

Safety: Ambidextrous Thumb Safety - Receiver: Matte Blue - Chokes: Cylinder Bore

Butt Plate: Vented Recoil Pad & Picatinny Rail.

MGCA HD SPX 930 Shotgun
PROJECT 7 - "The Gray Stealth"

Custom AR15 223/556 matching Upper and Lower Receiver, done in Black and Stealth Gray in this 2-tone theme. Gen 2 Magpul flip up sites, Magpul  Stealth Gray Stock & Grip, Custom BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle, Black Boron bolt, 2-Custom 30 round Stealth Gray Magazines, Black Magpul trigger guard, Custom 16 inch match barrel 1/8 twist, Custom Trigger with 4 1/2 lbs pull, Key Mod Handrail with AFG Black Tactical Foregrip, YHM Phantom flash hider and Vortex 1-6X24 Strike Eagle


Made for an Ex Law Enforcement Sheriff , whom now resides in Lemon Valley Nevada. Stay tuned for the Testimonial!


Gray Stealth