Firearm Safety & Regulations

Responsible Gun Ownership

Owning a Firearm, whether, for Personal Protection, Hunting or just Target shooting is a right for every of age, Law-abiding citizen.  



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Youth Handgun Safety Act notice

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Read Below for Safety Tips to follow, whenever you are handling a firearm!


1. Always treat your firearm as if it was loaded and can fire at any time.

2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

3. Always make sure the firearm is unloaded before showing it to someone else.

4. Always keep the muzzle of your firearm pointed In downrange or in a Safe Direction.

5. Know your Target and what's behind it!

6. Make sure the barrel is free of obstructions before firing it.

7. Be sure to wear Eye and Ear protection anytime you are firing your firearm.

8. Always use the correct ammunition for each firearm.

9. Make sure you have read your owner's manual for the firearm, and know how to properly clean and maintain your firearm.

10.  If your firearm ever fails to fire, use extreme caution and handle with "Care and Safety," while troubleshooting and resolving your issue. If you don't know how to resolve the issue, safely secure it and ask for help from a professional gunsmith, or call the manufacturer.


For Firearm Regulations please see below:

All Federal and State firearms regulations are available on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) website


The following information was taken directly from the publications available on their websites and are intended only to be utilized as a guide and are not intended to be wholly inclusive of the entire Gun Control Act of 1968 or any state legislation.


For more information regarding the entirety of all Federal and State firearms regulations please consult the information provided at the website.


Federal Regulations:

  • You must be 21 years of age to purchase a handgun from a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL). 


  • You must be 18 years of age to purchase a long gun in most States from an FFL dealer. Check the laws within your state.


  • All handguns must be transferred through an FFL dealer to the customer in the state of the customer’s residence.


  • Long guns can be purchased and transferred to a resident of any state in any state provided that the transfer is legal in both the purchaser’s state and the state in which the transfer is taking place


  • State residency regulations vary from state to state. Please click the following link ( to see if the firearm you are interested in can be transferred to you in any of our locations.


  • Customers must complete the federal ATF F 4473 and pass the required Brady Act background check before a firearm can be transferred State Regulations: All-State paperwork (in addition to the ATF F 4473) must be completed prior to the transfer of a firearm to the purchaser. All state or locally required WAITING PERIODS begin when the purchaser patronizes the FFL dealer's place of business and completes the required Federal and State paperwork.


  • Waiting periods DO NOT begin when the firearm is paid for on-line or when the firearm is shipped. As is discussed in ATF FFL Newsletter February 2011: ( the ATF considers any non-prohibiting language in state law with regard to residents purchasing long guns in another state to be considered enabling.


  • Therefore if a state law “enables” the purchase of long guns outside of its state borders it is interpreted to mean that residents can purchase long guns in any state as long as it is not prohibited by the state’s law where the intended purchase is taking place. This is also intended to be interpreted in the reverse – allowing non-residents to purchase long guns in the FFL’s state regardless of the proximity of that purchaser’s state (provided that both states do not have prohibitive language in their legislation). All-State required purchase cards and waiting periods must be observed prior to the transfer of any firearm in any state.