Law Enforcement & First Responder Programs

Department Purchase Program

We offer a Department program for all Law Enforcement and First Responders to purchase their Duty rifles. We offer the Best in Quality, Precision, and Accuracy in our firearms, like the MGCA Patrol rifle. We will also custom build them to your requirements with only the highest quality American made parts. What comes standard on ours is usually an additional cost from our competitor's rifles.


We offer the best price for our firearms to your team at a discounted rate for all of our distributors so they can offer the best price to you. This helps keep your costs down so you can purchase additional needed equipment for your departments.


All of our Shotguns and Rifles come in soft cases. The Patrol rifles come with 1 standard & 2 additional PMAG Magazines. As you know we can add any accessory (including suppressors) per your requirements to any of these firearms.

Firearm Trade In Program

We offer a Trade-In program for all Law Enforcement and First Responders desiring to sell their firearms, we offer a no-fee trade service through our company, we take trade-ins with a PO to purchase a replacement of any duty shotguns and or rifles.